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Looking for reliable concrete patio contractors in Joliet area? Look no further! We’re Joliet Concrete Works, and we specialize in creating beautiful and durable stamped concrete patios. Whether you want a new patio over existing concrete or want to enhance it with a stamped concrete overlay, we are here to help. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing high-quality and affordable solutions for all your stamped concrete project needs.

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Our Comprehensive Decorative Concrete & Overlay Services

Stamped Concrete Service Joliet Concrete Solutions

Stamped Concrete Patio

Transform your outdoor space with a stunning stamped concrete pattern, a versatile and cost-effective option. A stamped concrete patio is created by imprinting patterns and textures onto freshly poured cement. It mimics the appearance of natural materials like stone, slate, or brick or the look of pavers without using paving materials. Not only does this add aesthetic charm to your patio, but it also boasts exceptional durability, resisting cracks and weathering. Our skilled artisans ensure impeccable craftsmanship, resulting in a flawless, low-maintenance outdoor new concrete, stamped patio.

Concrete Driveways Service Joliet Concrete Solutions

Stained Concrete Patio

A stained concrete patio involves applying specialized stains and sealers to the concrete, creating a variety of colors and patterns. This process enhances the appearance of the patio, mimicking the look of natural stone or polished marble. Our company excels in offering top-tier stained concrete patio services, which not only involve staining but also include sealing to ensure durability and resistance to fading, weather, and wear. Embrace the charm of stained concrete patios, where artistry meets durability for your outdoor space.

Smooth Concrete Patio Service Joliet Concrete Solutions 2.png

Smooth Concrete Patio Installation

A smooth concrete patio is the pinnacle of modern outdoor concrete design, boasting a flawless, unblemished surface that radiates elegance. Crafted through meticulous pouring, leveling, and finishing techniques, our smooth concrete patios provide a sleek and inviting space for leisure and entertainment. Beyond their striking appearance, these concrete patios offer exceptional durability, making them resistant to weathering and wear. Say goodbye to cracks, uneven concrete surfaces, and frequent maintenance with our expert concrete repair and resurfacing solutions.


Joliet Stamped Concrete No. 1 Contractor

Looking for trustworthy Joliet concrete resurfacing contractors? Our locally owned and operated concrete company is at your service! As a dependable concrete contractor in Joliet, Illinois, we have years of experience in the concrete industry and specialize in providing top-quality concrete solutions to meet all of your construction needs.

What sets us apart from other Joliet concrete installers is our unwavering commitment to delivering quality craftsmanship and professional concrete solutions. Whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes, our skilled team can handle any concrete job, including decorative concrete floors, walkways, parking lots, commercial buildings, or warehouses. We specialize in stamped concrete and decorative overlays, offering design options for your home improvement project on your outdoor living space.

At Joliet Concrete Solutions, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients by understanding their unique needs and exceeding their expectations. Our goal is to turn your vision into a reality with durable and visually appealing concrete work.

Experience the difference with our reliable, experienced, and customer-centric concrete contractor team. Contact us today for all your concrete needs and a free estimate!


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Concrete Patio Service Joliet Concrete Solutions
  • Custom Concrete Solutions: Get the perfect solutions designed just for your patio needs.
  • Best Price Assurance: We guarantee the best prices for the concrete service you need, matched to your budget.
  • Local Advantage: Experience the ease of collaborating with a locally owned concrete contractor company.
  • Experienced Team: Benefit from a skilled team with a decade of concrete expertise.
  • Free Estimate, No Pressure: Receive a no-obligation, free estimate to identify the ideal concrete service.


What Our Clients Say...

Concrete Patio Review 1 Joliet Concrete Solutions

“Great guys to work with, I couldn’t be happier with my new stamped concrete patio! The craftsmanship is top-notch, and the intricate design adds a touch of style to my outdoor space. The team worked efficiently, and the final result exceeded my expectations.”

James Miller

Concrete Patio - Reed St, Joliet, IL

Stamped Concrete Service Review 2Joliet Concrete Solutions

“Delighted with our new stamped concrete patio! It transformed our outdoor space. The beautiful design resembles natural stone. The installation team was professional and efficient, finishing ahead of schedule. Highly recommend this upgrade for any homeowner.”

Andy Thomas

Stamped Concrete Patio - Ingalls Park, Joliet, IL

Concrete Patio Service Review 3 Joliet Concrete Solutions

“Loving our new stained concrete patio in russet, this upgrade rocks! The warm color vibes make outdoor hangouts awesome. Super happy with how it turned out at home – perfect spot for fun times!”

Megan Ross

Stained Concrete Patio - Mayfair, Joliet IL

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At Joliet Concrete Solutions, your satisfaction is our top priority. From the moment you avail of our services until the installation is complete, we aim to give every customer a premium experience that surpasses expectations. Give us a call today for a free quote, stress-free and commitment-free.

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